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Heading 1

The same image can appear dramatically changed as the light shifts. 

The first two images are the same works of art. ‘Subtle Beauty’, 11.25”x 8”x .25” “without stand 1.25H”x2”Wx8”L stand, Multi-media/ dimensional work on an acrylic sheet. 2016 Price On Demand

Third and fourth image are the same work in different ambient light. 

‘Sultry Back’, 12”x12”x1” size without 1”h. stand. Multi-media / dimensional work on an acrylic slab, 2017 P.O.D.    As ambient light changes, the image and its reflective shadows shift over the course of a day.

The fifth image is "Dark Beauty I". It is followed by its larger copy facing in the opposite direction.  Smaller version is a six in square and larger version is twelve inch square.

 The last image is the large version of, "Seminal Work II"

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